Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Simple Technique To Change Your Entire Day!

With everything going on, sometimes it is so hard
to just wake up in the morning feeling refreshed
and in a good mood.

So often we don't even think about it, we are so
used to waking up feeling less than excited about
the new day that we are about to live into.

Parents that are overtired, exhausted and burdened
with the long list of things that need to get done
are more likely to balk at the idea of waking up
feeling refreshed, let alone supercharged with
positive energy.

Here is a suggestion on how to start your day a
bit differently that can make all the difference
in the world.

About 15 minutes before you are about to get up,
try this simple technique:

Sit comfortably in your bed take a few deep
breaths and focus your attention on your heart.
As you breath deeply, imagine a pure energy flowing
through and around you.

Imagine that you are infusing this energy with
love and well being. Take your time as you
watch it all around you. Recognize it as
the energy of abundant joy, prosperity and
well being.

Just feel it around you without trying to grasp
for it. Let it flow through you and let it open
your heart to a day that is filled with a never
ending stream of this energy.

Now take a moment to think about one thing
that is working for you in your life. It
doesn't matter how small or in what area.
Really focus on that.

Focus on the energy that is flowing around you
as it feeds and expands the areas in your life
that are working.

Breath deeply. Now open your eyes and repeat:

I am grateful for receiving abundant joy today

I am grateful for receiving an abundance of
inspiration today

I am grateful for the love that is expanding
my heart right now and all day today.

Success with this exercise is determined by
how much you are willing to allow yourself to
let go and just feel the energy moving and
directing you.

Practice this exercise every morning for the
next 30 days and you WILL notice a shift
take place in your life.

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