Monday, September 6, 2010

Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Sometimes as parents we neglect our
own inner wisdom because we have
forgotten to trust ourselves.
With so many opinions from friends,
family members and parenting books,
it is easy to get confused or worried
that we are not doing "the right thing".
Only you know how to parent your child
the way that is best for your child.
Opinions and advice are great as
inspiration or as a way to gain greater
awareness and understanding of your
beliefs and reactions. All the wisdom
that you need is already in you.
Only you have that special and sacred
connection with your child. Asking
for guidance with challenges is very
beneficial because it helps you to
see some things that you otherwise
may not have considered.
However, the ultimate and best guidance
will direct you towards your own inner
wisdom and support your goals as well
as positive change.
If you feel pressured to do something
because, "they say it is the right thing
to do", then it may not be right for you.
Trust your intuition and trust the signals
that you are getting from your child(ren).
When you get stuck, ask, research and
look for solutions, but remember to
take a deep breath and connect with your
own inner wisdom.
Ask yourself, what is the best course of
action for me to take right now regarding
this matter and feel the message that
your inspiration and inner wisdom is
sending you.
Help is always there for you, if you
are open to it. True help, stands beside
you shoulder to shoulder, supporting you
in a loving and compassionate way.
Everyone gets lost, stuck and exhausted
at times - you are not alone.
I love the beautiful words I heard from
The Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith:
"Out of nothing and no way,
a way will be made".
Trust that you have the wisdom and the
power to create a beautiful life for
yourself and for your children.

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