Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Children and Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful, positive statements
about who we are and what we would like to
create for ourselves. They help us focus
on what we want. The most effective
affirmations evoke positive emotions
within us. The key is to create affirmations
that are believable and that feel good to you.
Using positive affirmations can assist
your child when s/he gets caught in a
negative state of mind. Teaching your
child to raise her vibrational level
and move past a negative emotion in
a constructive way by focusing on
a positive thought will greatly add
to her ability to detach herself from
creating and perpetuating negative patterns.
The faster that this becomes a habit,
the faster your child will be able to
master control over what she chooses
to create with her thoughts.
Re-inforcing positive thoughts and beliefs
gives children the self confidence
which will help them to attract joyful
and beneficial experiences.
When teaching your child to create
affirmations, keep it simple and clear
and make sure it is an affirmation that
they are comfortable with. Let the source
of the affirmation come from them. Also
keep in mind that the affirmation should
be stated "as if" it is already so.
For example: " I am a good listener."
Not "I will be a good listener."
"I will," suggests something that will
happen in the future and in the future is
where it will stay! You want to create
in the now.
Lead by example. Allow your child to hear
you using your own affirmations on a daily
basis. It has been proven that children
learn and model their behavior by watching
the behavior of their primary caregiver.
In other words, 95% of the time they will
do as you do and 5% of the time they will
do as you say! It is worth it to become
very mindful of that.
Here are sample affirmations
to give you a few ideas:
I make friends easily
I am lovable
I am a good listener
I am calm
I feel happy
I am free and wonderful
I can choose how I feel
I am grateful
I can make my dreams come true
I am perfect exactly as I am
I am loved
I am safe
I am patient
I can create a great day for myself
I am good enough
I can think things through
I learn new things easily
I am creative
I am joyful
I get along well with others
I am easy going
If your child is having a particular
problem, help him to formulate an
affirmation that will empower him
and that will help him focus on the
solution and the outcome that is
in his best interest.
Working with affirmations together
with your child is a powerful and
uplifting exercise. Try it today
and watch the magic begin to unfold!

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