Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting Re-Connected, Take Some Time To Feel The Magic

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays it is easy to feel
overwhelmed and stressed at times. As we know, stress can
be very counter productive to any positive shift that we are
trying to create in our lives.
I would like to invite you to take some time for yourself, just
a few minutes a day, to get re-connected with your heart center.
By doing so, you give yourself an opportunity to breathe deeply
and get back to a place of peace within.
Here is a simple meditative exercise that can help you reconnect
and you can do it virtually anywhere:
Place your hand over your heart and inhale deeply, as you
do imagine that you are going inside your heart, as though
your heart were a beautiful room full of light. Exhale, and release
all tension as you connect to that space within your heart.
Repeat about 10-15 times.
This simple yet profound exercise, will help you to center yourself
and will reconnect you to your inner peace.
The practice of meditation is a way to go deeper into ourselves
beyond the realm of the mind. It is like a doorway into the energy
flow of life. It helps us to awaken from the deep sleep of endless
mind activity into a space above and beyond the demands of
everyday experience. The only way for this to really make
sense, is to give it a try.
This simple little meditation can easily be taught to children,
thus giving them the opportunity and space to reconnect with
their inner selves.
As we know, children also need time to recharge and regenerate
especially after a day at school. This simple practice is very
beneficial in calming a child that has been exposed all day to
various energies.
If you've been really busy lately, give yourself the opportunity to
experience the magic of the holidays through the joy and
wonder of your child's experience at this time. In other words,
reconnect the magic between you and your child. Let your child
lead the way, just follow with your heart.
Invite your child to bake with you, if that is your custom. Plan a date
with your child to watch a holiday movie together with popcorn.
The magic of the holidays should not pass by, lost inside the
burden of the 100 or so things that you need to get done. Find
some time to stop and look at the beauty around you.
Go for a walk with your child and just take a look at all the beautiful
colored lights decorating the many homes. Practice being present
to the feeling of the special energy of magic that is so evident at
this time.
Take a moment to cuddle with loved ones. Turn off all of the lights
except for the Christmas tree and let the feeling just be inside of you.
Feeling "connected" is a deep and basic human need. It originates
with the truth that, "separation is illusion, we are one". Assisting
your child to find ways to maintain a deep sense of connection
to his inner state of being is like providing him with a gift that he
can go back to over and over again throughout the course of
his life.

Try to be acutely present, if you can, to all of the moments and
opportunities that arise that allow you to explore your connection
to yourself and your child(ren).
Things may go wrong, plans may change, however, try to hold
onto the notion that it is your EXPERIENCE that is meant to
take your life into the next level. It is your experience, not the
outcome that you seek, that brings you to a higher level of
consciousness. By giving up our attachments to outcomes,
we clear a space for the experience to guide us to our higher
purpose. Outcomes are fleeting and mutable, inner peace is
lasting and is always there for us to come home to.
We just have to choose it.
Consciously decide to think about what you appreciate about
the holiday season. Make a commitment to fully appreciate
your child's joy and all the blessings that you have in this moment.
Stop looking for obstacles and start looking for magic, and
you will find it.
May you have a joyful
and love filled holiday,

Melinda Asztalos

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