Saturday, July 10, 2010

Coping With Uncertainty

We all know that children can feel
your energy even before you begin to
speak. When parents exude an energy
of confidence, not arrogance, their
children tend to feel it and respond with
feeling more secure and relaxed. They
feel safe, they can trust that you will be
the anchor in a storm.
What happens when we feel uncertain sometimes?
Should we pretend to be confident?
Should we cover up our uncertainty?
I have a suggestion; how about practicing
getting comfortable with the idea of
feeling confident in the face of uncertainty.
That sounds crazy and is a complete
contradiction, you might say!
Here is the idea explained: Instead of
pretending you know what you are doing
when a situation arises and you have
no idea how to handle it consciously,
focus on your ability to find your way.
First, accept that, in this moment, you
might be lost. Recognize that this is how
you are feeling right now, then shift your
thoughts to:
"Even though I feel lost and am not sure
what to do in this moment, I am open
to receiving inspiration and insight."
"I've resolved issues and challenges
in the past and I can do it again."
"I am grateful for receiving the solution
that is best for me and my child in this
When your intention is set in this way,
and you put energy into these new
empowering thoughts, you are giving
off a feeling of confidence.
You are confident that you will find a way
even though right now you are not sure
you know what that is.

Instead of allowing uncertainty to pull
you into fear, which does not serve you,
you are creating a space for inspired,
right action to flow.

Your child feels this confidence in you.
In this way you are also modeling, for
your child, how to handle uncertainty.
You are not responding with fear, you
are not pretending, and therefore being
inauthentic. You are confident in the
face of uncertainty.

Moments of uncertainty instantly create
resistance in the form of fear and fear
increases insecurity. Letting go of fear
is easy to say and hard to do. When we
understand that holding onto the fear
only generates more of it, we will begin
to try something different.

That something different is:
Letting go of the uncertainty that
has a grip on you and replace it with:

"I am confident that I will be inspired
to do what is right for my family and I."

"I am confident and grateful for the
inspiration I am receiving."

In love and light
Melinda Asztalos

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