Friday, April 1, 2011

Become The Believing Eyes For Your Children

Encouraging your children to succeed
and to go forward in life with confidence
is beautiful. I would like to invite you
to take that encouragement to the next
By becoming the believing eyes for your
children, they begin to see a reflection
of what they can accomplish through
your belief in them. At a deeper level,
they realize that your belief in them
speaks to who they are becoming as
evolving human beings.
"I believe in you", is a powerful statement.
It acknowledges that you are speaking
to the inner core of your child.
"I believe in you", is deeper than,
I believe you can do this or that.
It is a statement that focuses not on
what a child is doing at the moment
but who he is being.
I once heard someone say, "We are
human beings not human doings!"
My reaction to that was..."How
perfectly true."
Let your children know that you are
there for them, in the front row, cheering
them on with the power of your believing.
Say it loud, say it often, "I believe in you,
I believe in me and I believe in us."

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