Saturday, April 17, 2010

Addicted to thinking

Almost all of us suffer from the chronic affliction of being addicted
to thinking. As parents, we are often overwhelmed with the million
things that have to get done. We plan, we create lists, we follow through
as best we can. Many people find it difficult to "shut off" the endless
repetition of their "mind talk".

This, of course, makes it very difficult to be present in the moment
and to practice conscious parenting. How do we still the mind enough
to remain present as much as possible? How do we get everything
done without becoming lost in the storymaking and list creating of the mind?

The mind is a beautiful thing, when it serves, not when it runs your life.
I have found that by creating habits, through diligent practice and
repetition, there is a way to multi task and still remain present and
aware. So many times I have longed for the evening so that I could go
to sleep and escape the incessant chatter of my mind going over
everything that needed to get done.

I now have created a new habit that allows me to gain that sense
of peace wherever I am, regardless of the time of day. I shift my
attention into my heart. This allows me to access the intelligence
of the heart. I give myself permission to believe in my heart.

This has proven to be a very useful exericise. I can now accomplish
many things in a single day and remain focused and present more
often than not.

The mind needs nourishment, just like body does.
The question to ask your self is "what am I feeding my mind?"

I began to watch what my focus of attention was on.
As soon as things became hectic and my mind started to race,
I brought my awareness back into my heart and started to
breathe deeply. I watched the feelings and the thoughts
and then did some housecleaning.

This also works very well as typical situations arise in
day to day living. For example, getting stuck in traffic jams,
waiting in line at the bank when you are in a rush or when
your child is having a meltdown.

The power within the heart is a self-empowered feeling,
it is different from sentimentality. It is a gateway
through which you can access your conscious presence.

To get into that space, slow down for a moment and pay
close attention to what you are feeling. Really go into that
feeling and relax the mind. Identify what you are feeling
(do not analyze your thoughts or feelings),
for example; frustration, anger, feeling overwhelmed,
stress, etc. Now think of a replacement for that feeling.

Focus on your heart and breath into it. As though you
are breathing through it. Imagine that you are breathing
your replacement feeling directly into your heart.

This will actually shift the energy within your body and mind.
As a result you begin to create new emotional signatures that
you can anchor within yourself through practice and repetition.

This is a powerful exercise and it will alleviate much of the "insanity"
of a mind that just won't be still. The wonderful thing is that you can
do it anywhere and at anytime.

Shifting your focus in this way, puts your awareness "in charge"
so that your mind can do what it was designed to do;
solve problems, not create new ones.

In love and light
Melinda Asztalos

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